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Safety concerns debunked, 3D/4D Ultrasound: Bonding Experience for the Entire Family

28 April

Press Release:

DETROIT, February 16, 2013—According to a statement released by the AIUM in April of 2012, it is recommended that appropriately trained and credentialed medical professionals (licensed physicians, registered sonographers, or sonography registry candidates) who have received specialized training in fetal imaging perform all fetal ultrasound scans.
One new company, Baby On Board 4D Ultrasound adheres to this recommendation as the owners are all registered sonographers.
This company was created to offer close family/friends the opportunity to share in the joy of the expectant parents with a peek into the womb.

The bond between mother and child begins in the womb.
The Association for Psychological Science explains how a mother sends her unborn baby chemical signals that communicate her emotions and that affect the baby’s development after birth. (APS Press Release November 9, 2011).
This bond is further enhanced when Mom sees her child through 3D/4D ultrasound.
Joli [Joli Reid, RDMS and Co-Owner at B.OB.] remarks, “I remember getting the traditional 2D black and white photos with my first child and immediately feeling love at first sight, the 3D/4D ultrasound clarity takes that connection exponentially further.”

For mothers-to-be who appreciate moments of extra care and comfort during their pregnancy, Baby On Board offers a full scope of services.
Siobhan [Siobhan Maxwell, RDMS and Co-Owner at B.O.B.] comments, “We wanted to provide expectant mothers with not only keepsake ultrasound images, but the option of maternal photography and a well-deserved maternal massage, all at the same location.”
Baby On Board 4D Ultrasound also added the convenience of hosting baby shower’s on-site with a gender reveal as an element of surprise.

Although there are many entertaining aspects of 3D/4D ultrasound, client safety should always remain paramount.
“All of our clients are required to show proof that they are seeing a healthcare provider for prenatal care, and we require a signed statement from them,” Angie [Angie Green, RDMS and Co-Owner at B.O.B] said.
FDA-established levels for frequency and power should always use the system’s obstetric mode for prenatal ultrasound.
An AIUM statement released April 1, 2012 posted that, “no independently confirmed adverse effects caused by exposure from present diagnostic ultrasound instruments have been reported in human patients in the absence of contrast agents.”

About Baby On Board 4D Ultrasound

Baby On Board (B.O.B.) 4D Ultrasound is an elective 3D/4D ultrasound studio.
This company offers several added services for mothers-to-be such as maternal massages, neonatal massage classes, baby showers, and maternal photography.
The owners have created an all-inclusive location for their clients’ maternal desires.

Contact Person: Siobhan Maxwell
Baby On Board 4D Ultrasound
21339 Gratiot Ave.
Eastpointe, MI 48021
Phone: (855) 241-2229 (BABY)